Letter from the Mayor

Welcome to the City of Lyons! It is my distinct pleasure to provide you with a glimpse into our wonderful little community. Nestled half way between Sioux City, Iowa and Fremont, Nebraska, on Highway 77, Lyons represents everything right about Nebraska. It's hard working and dedicated citizens strive everyday to make Lyons a better place to live, work, and play. We are a community that embraces our past but is building for the future. You can see it as you drive down our cobble stone Main Street. Our new water tower proudly rises into the sky proclaiming Lyons is here to stay. The new volunteer fire and rescue hall reinforces the community’s commitment to public safety. The new city library speaks volumes about our desire to stay connected to the world of the arts and the electronic age. And the Center for Rural Affairs building is a true testament to the community’s tenacity when it comes to supporting small business and the entrepreneurial spirit. Lyons is a community on the move and we’re excited about it.

Lyons is a mixture of new and established neighborhoods with a home for just about everyone. You can find fixer uppers for those who fancy themselves home improvement gurus or a senior living apartment for those who no longer wish to wage war with the grass or snow. Our school system, although small, is very mighty. Our students consistently win accolades and praise at state sponsored events; a true indication of the dedication and commitment our teachers and school administration have to the future wellbeing of our children. The city council is focused, progressive and constantly asking themselves how they can improve the quality of life of those they represent. Lyons is a community on the move and we’re very excited about it.

Lyons is now in its 135th year as an incorporated community. As we reflect back on where we’ve been we can see that Lyons has come a long way without losing its small town charm. But as proud as we are of our past we are focused on the future and are committed to making Lyons a great place to live for the next 135 years. As you browse our web site, my hope is that you will see and feel that spirit of innovation and personal pride we have in our community. Please know that whether you are a first time visitor, an old acquaintance returning home, or a lifelong resident, Lyons welcomes you with open arms. We do so because we know it is only with your support that Lyons can stay on the move. And you know how excited we are about that!



Andy Fuston